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January 22 2015

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Hell is empty


This is the future we created.

We are the future

in retrospect I now see the internet was a horrible mistake



Don’t feel bad, don’t you see? This is a bright future where people can have sex with ankles. We have edible undies, computers that fit into our pockets. These are the wonders our stupid little minds have distracted us with instead of worrying about real problems like poverty or world hunger. This is the next step. We are evolving. The future is bright.

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January 19 2015

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January 18 2015

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December 31 2014

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December 30 2014

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December 27 2014

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December 26 2014

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December 24 2014

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December 17 2014

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December 14 2014

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December 12 2014

December 08 2014

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December 07 2014

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December 05 2014

Pokemon Umbreon cosplay
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December 02 2014

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November 29 2014

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A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight. 

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November 08 2014

It had to come from somewhere
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November 04 2014

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