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May 17 2017

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May 16 2017

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Make mars great again

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French Army Knife
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May 15 2017

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shading colour tips



hey yall its me the Art Mom™ to help you shade pretty


  • red- shade with a slightly darker shade of purple
  • orange- slightly darker and more saturated shade of red
  • yellow- i think like..a peach could work but make it a really light peach
  • green- shade with darker and less saturated shade of blue or teal
  • blue- shade with purple
  • purple- a shade thats darker than the purple you’re using and maybe a little pink (MAYBE blue)
  • pink- darker shade of red
  • white- a really light lavender or blue..or i guess any really light colour??
  • black- okay listen dont use pure black to colour anything unless you want to leave it with flat colours because you cant really shade black lol
  • grey- a slightly darker shade of purple or blue (less saturated)
  • brown- slightly darker and less saturated shade of purple or red

aaaaand thats all i got lol. let me know if there is anything i should add to this list!!

If you’re a visual learner…

I made some Balls of Colour to go with Art Mom™’s post:

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When you are a wifi genius

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Someone: Omg German is such a logical langu-

Me: Have you met my friend ‘anhalten’?

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